Leaky Faucet Repair

How to repair a leaky faucet without a plumber

Watch this video to see the process of replacing washers on a leaky faucet step by step.

  • Turn off the water supply to the faucet
  • If the handles have a decorative lid, pry them off with a flat screwdriver.
  • Remove the screw in the faucet handle
  • Remove the handle.  Note, if the handle won’t come off easily, wrap the screwdriver in a rag to prevent scratching the handle and gently pry up around the base of the faucet handle.
  • Remove the valve stem cover that holds the valve stem in place.
  • Pull out the valve stem.
  • Remove the washers.
  • Replace with identical washers.  You may want to take the valve stem to your hardware store to make sure you have the correct size of washer.
  • Then just reverse the process to replace the valve stem and handle.

leaky faucet

Note:  Leaks around the handle base usually mean the O-ring washer that goes around the valve stem needs to be replaced.  Leaks from the faucet itself, usually means that the waster at the base of the valve stem needs to be replaced.

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Home repair involves the diagnosis and resolution of problems in a home and is replacing leaky faucet washers cleaning out plumbing.…


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